Privacy Policy

Privacy for EarnMT

If you become the registered user or a visitor means that you are agreed to these privacy policies. The users that do not have accepted to these policies can stop using the site. Not a single user or visitor of the EarnMT is allowed to access the site without agreeing to the privacy policy.

Our site and service employs various data collection systems to produce track problems, errors, and analytical information, supervise hardware and software infrastructure, provide individualized promotion, and/or defense hateful activity. The trustworthy and of good reputation third party entities help us in some data gathering. Not all the data is nameless. The data gatherers get hold of strict privacy policies. Access to the data is limited to selective staff. Internet Protocol addresses used to share or post content are remains available to most staff, delicate data, such as contact information is more limited. We possess rights to track the users’ movements on the site.


Like other sites, EarnMT employs cookies. We employ cookies to store the information of the users, visitors and this includes activities such as clearing your browser cache or cookies to clear the tracking information. Our third party vendor too uses cookies. They use DART cookies to serve advertisements to the visitors of our site. You can disable the cookies with the assistance of your browser options.

Advertising Partner

Our advertising partners have their own privacy policy. Our advertising partner is Google.

Privacy Policy

Your continued usage to our site shows that you are agreed to our privacy policy and our advertising partner’s privacy policy. Our advertising partners as well do use cookies, Java Script and other web beacons. Some of our promoters or marketers demand to track clicks and/or views of their advertisements all the way through an analytics service such as double click. Once the data has been gathered by the double click service, it can be used by the particular advertiser applying to the service. In such case, defense and liability uses of the data is up to the advertiser.

Third Party Privacy Policy

The EarnMT’s privacy policy does not be applicable to the other advertisers and sites. And we are promoting you to discuss the privacy policies of the third party advertisers for more information. Their privacy policy includes showing directions to how to choose the products. You can get to know the privacy policies of our third party advertisers by clicking the links of the third party privacy policy.

Information to Children

The children that are under the age of 13 should not use our site. We do not encourage children providing their private identifiable information on our site. If you parents find any such information that your children post on our site, you can get in touch with us right after and we do our best to remove the information from our site sooner.

Online Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy applies to our online activities and valid for the visitors of our site despite what they have shared or gathered from the EarnMT. Our users come from a wide range of locations, so we do not assure usability or uptime. We will do our best to afford a good amount of support and service at our sole discretion to our users. To gain the access of completeness to access the site, we suggest you to use the updated operating system and browser.

We do changes in the privacy policy from time to time with no prior notice to any user or visitor. Users that do not agree with this privacy policy, the privacy policy of every data gatherer, or other data in this document, do not register or use our site and its services.