How IT Works

How EarnMT Works?

Watch This Video To Know, How To Sign Up & Short Links

The following points will guide you right from creating an account in EarnMT to withdrawing your earnings.

How To Sign Up an Account in EarnMT?

You have to tap the “SIGN UP” button that you could address at the top right side of our site. Now, you will get to see the “register a new membership” in the downside of the sign up window, you just have to click on that. Now, a new window with 4 empty spaces will be opened, where you have to fill details like, username, email id, password and confirm password. Agree the terms and conditions and fire the “submit” button. You are done! You will get account activation email at your Inbox/Spam Box. Your account is activated and you are signed in. Now, create and share links to earn money.

How to Shorten a Link?

You can see our link shortener box either in the home page or other page. The shortener box will be long and white color. You have to copy and paste your link on the box and click “shorten”. Likewise, you can add several links. Details of all your links will be addressable in Statistics.

How to Manually Share a Link?

You have to go to manage links and to all links. Select and copy any link that you want to post to any media sites like Twitter, websites, Blogs, Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook and more.

Referrals or Affiliation

Creating and sharing the links is not the only way that is left to you to earn money with EarnMT. You can as well invite new users and earn. For the joining of every new user, you will receive 10 percent bonus from their earnings. You can visit the Referrals tab and refer your friends with just one click.

How to Setup a Page Script in your Blog or Website?

The full page script of EarnMT will convert all your links into our format. All you ought to do is to copy the code and paste it on your HTML code’s body portion. You can add or remove the domains, which you want to shorten. That is it!

How to Draw Cash in EarnMT?

Of course, you might to want to withdraw the cash that you have earned so far. You must complete your profile wholly to withdraw cash from your account. You should fulfill all the fields and save your details. You should wait for cash transactions. We pay the cash right after. The minimum withdrawal is $50 for Bank Transfer, $20 for Paypal and $3 for Paytm.